Quanta Q-Plus MT

A true innovation in the tattoo removal field, the Q-Plus MT combines the best triple active Q-switched wavelengths and the revolutionary Quanta System Mixed Technology. Add flat-top OPTIBEAM II technology and a fractional handpiece, and you have the world’s most powerful and effective tattoo removal laser.

But what does this mean for you, our client? You’ll experience several benefits.

  • More Complete Tattoo Removal

    You don’t want to be left with a ‘light’ version of your tattoo. The Q-Plus MT produces high energy and reaches deep in the skin to deliver the clearest results possible so your tattoo is gone without a trace.

  • Fewer Treatments

    Several features give the Q-Plus MT boosted effectiveness to increase results and decrease the number of treatments you need. This saves you time and money, and the pain and hassle of all those additional treatments.

  • Reduced Pain and Downtime

    Quanta’s innovative beam profile is very gentle for the skin. You’ll experience less pain and side effects and also heal faster following a treatment. Tattoo removal done properly does not leave scars!

  • Remove Different Colors

    Utilizing three wavelengths (532, 694, and 1064nm) and fractional technology, the Q-Plus MT can effectively target and remove the widest variety of ink colors. Tattoo removal is not just for black tattoos!

  • Faster Treatments

    A square spot of up to 5×5 mm covers your tattoo in fewer pulses. This means shorter treatment time which minimizes your discomfort.

3 Wavelengths

Wavelength is the most important factor in removing tattoo ink. If you do not use the correct wavelength to target the color of ink you are removing, it will simply not work.

The Quanta Q-Plus MT is equipped with the widest array of wavelengths available: 532nm, 694nm (Ruby), and 1064nm. This ensures the best results possible on all colors of ink.

Our laser specialist, Denise Winter, will select the proper wavelength(s) to treat your tattoo most effectively.

Quanta System Mixed Technology

The Quanta Q-Plus MT is the only laser in the world capable of simultaneously pulsing different wavelengths. Typically performed on black and dark blue inks, this benefits nearly 100% of tattoos.

With a single pass of the laser, your tattoo gets the benefit of 694nm and 1064nm wavelengths without the added time and pain of a second pass. This creates a synergistic effect that destroys pigment more efficiently at a lower fluence (energy), so you get more fading with less side effects.

If you are removing black ink, the Quanta Q-plus MT has a clear advantage.

Flat-top OPTIBEAM II Technology

Quanta OPTIBEAM II advanced optical technology generates a perfect flat-top beam that distributes the power of the laser evenly on the entire spot surface for a safer and more effective treatment.

Typical beams deliver a ‘hot spot’ in the middle, resulting in longer healing time and increased side effects, surrounded by areas of weaker energy that leave the majority of the ink in your tattoo under-treated.

Your tattoo will be treated with a square spot to minimize overlap which can reduce healing time by up to 20%.

A square spot also reduces the total number of pulses needed to treat your tattoo to shorten treatment time and minimize discomfort.

By combining OPTIBEAM II technology with a square spot, the Q-Plus MT ensures an even treatment on your tattoo so you heal faster and get more results from each treatment!

Fractional Handpiece

A fractional hand piece focuses energy into very, very tiny points of high fluence. A fractional laser may be used in combination with a 532, 694, or 1064nm treatment to:

  • increase clearance of ink deep in the dermis to achieve a cleaner end result
  • minimize swelling and blistering
  • achieve better clearance on traditionally resistant inks such as white and yellow
  • remove inks causing symptoms of ink allergy with minimal side effects
  • reach inks in skin with previous scar tissue

Our laser specialist, Denise Winter, will determine if treatment with the fractional hand piece is right for you and your tattoo.

If you’re ready to experience the future of laser tattoo removal, contact us today!