Hong Kong Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

Hong Kong Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic was established in 2012 by Denise Winter and Chiu Chan. As tattoo studio owners in Hong Kong, they recognized that while there was a growing desire for tattoo removal and lightening, reliable treatment was just too expensive for many clients. Denise and Chiu sought to provide safe, effective tattoo removal and lightening that was affordable for most individuals.

Denise has since performed thousands of treatments for clients from around the world. Her mission is to:

  • Achieve excellent results
  • Offer personalized solutions
  • Provide an outstanding client experience

Denise Winter

Advanced Non-Ablative Laser Tattoo Removal Expert
Certified Laser Specialist
Certified Laser Safety Officer

A native English speaker from Iowa, USA, Denise has been extensively trained by New Look Laser College of Texas, USA, which specializes in laser tattoo removal, and awarded US certification.

Denise has been through the process of laser tattoo removal herself and understands the needs and concerns of her patients. She conducts all consultations and performs all of the treatments at Hong Kong Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic.

Our Commitment to You

  • US Certified Laser Technician
  • Innovative, State-of-the-Art Technology
  • 8 Years of Tattoo Removal Experience
  • 100% Free Consultation
  • Simple Pricing
  • Friendly, Personal Service

Our Laser

  • Quanta Q-Plus MT (Italy)
  • Q-Switched Laser
  • Wavelengths: 532nm, 694nm (Ruby), 1064nm
  • Quanta Mixed Technology - Combined 694nm and 1064nm Output
  • Flat-top OPTIBEAM II Beam Profile
  • Fractional Hand Piece

Why Choose Us

First in Hong Kong

Established in 2012 as HK’s first laser tattoo removal clinic, we are the leader in tattoo removal and lightening. Your skin deserves the care of a professional with extensive experience.

Know Your Options

We understand that undergoing laser treatments is a big decision. Our laser specialist takes the time to listen to your needs and offer solutions so you can choose what’s right for you and your skin.

Comprehensive Care

Tattoo lightening and removal is a process, and we will be with you every step of the way. You can expect quick responses and direct communication with your laser specialist throughout your treatment course.

Conveniently Located

Located in Central just off the Mid-Levels escalators, the clinic is a short walk from MTR exit D2. It is easily accessible by bus and tram, and also near the Macau and Shenzhen ferry piers.